Happy Thanksgiving: We’re thankful for you!

This is a good time of year to reflect upon the many blessings we enjoy in this nation.

November is the month of Thanksgiving, when families and friends come together to share a feast and catch up on all the goings-on.

But dealing with the economic uncertainty over the past few years has left many of us rattled. Negative news events of late convince many of us that our world is heading toward chaos.

But let’s face the facts…despite all the bad news, all the doom and gloom we read about in the papers and see on TV, we enjoy a standard of living matched by few other nations. Yes, our lives are busier, our schedules more hectic…but much of this is due to our choices to do more, own more and squeeze as much out of each day as we can. In some countries, people struggle just to feed themselves and get by.

Thanksgiving season is the best time to count our many blessings.

We are thankful that our government is a constitutional republic, and that we are able to cast our ballots and elect our fellow citizens to represent us in local, state and federal legislative bodies. In many countries, there are no choices and no opportunities to voice dissent.

We are also thankful of the many brave men and women who serve in our armed forces, at home and abroad. They defend this nation, and it’s a tough and dangerous assignment. We are thankful for the service of our military veterans, whose heroic deeds helped preserve our freedoms. We should never forget their sacrifices. We should also thank those who serve in public safety roles for their efforts to protect us and to ensure that we are safe and secure.

Here at Dakota Valley Electric, we are thankful that our employees understand the importance of service to our members, and that dedication and a strong work ethic are things to be proud of. Our employees are committed to providing excellent service. It’s easy to take having reliable electric power for granted. You flip a switch and the electricity is there, 24-7. In some regions of the world, electricity is still just a dream.

We are also thankful for our members, who express their appreciation of our efforts to restore service after a storm, and who offer our servicemen some coffee or a sandwich as they toil in the late night hours. We are grateful for our members who participate in our Operation Round Up program, because they’re helping members who may be facing financial difficulties. In these touch economic times, it is especially important to look out for one another.

Many of our members are thankful that Dakota Valley Electric is a not-for-profit when they receive their Capital Credits refunds checks in December. The notes and letters we receive after we send out our refunds express appreciation. For other utility customers, there are no refunds because the money that’s left over goes to stockholders, or to city coffers to pave streets.

This month, it’s a good time to remember all the things we can be thankful for and the many blessings we enjoy.

From the board of directors, general manager and employees, we hope your Thanksgiving holiday is an enjoyable one. We thank you for your support, and we pledge to do our best each day to serve you.