On Thursday morning with the sun shining brightly, linemen of Northern Plains and Dakota Valley Electric were in Carrington to partake in what is known as Pole Top Rescue Schooling. For the rescue the linemen used a dummy that was “stranded or hurt” on a pole. None of the linemen here have ever had to actually use this type of training, but with this training, they’d know what to do if the if the call would arrive.

They then had to climb the pole, attach a rescue rope, release the dummy and slowly lower him to the ground.

John Schwalk of Milnor performs his pole top rescue.

With this type of training the linemen are ready and prepared for what could one day be a “mayday” call or situation that they were unable to use a bucket truck for or any other equipment besides climbing gear.

With an instructor observing and making sure everything was up to standards for safety of themselves and the dummy, the linemen worked to ensure the dummy was “rescued” safely and in a timely manner.

After the hands-on rescue training and review the lineman went back to Carrington’s office for further “Mayday” training.