County Fair Time All Around

This past weekend was the Wells County Fair in Fessenden, ND. The 4-H activities were endless along with fun and games. Being a past 4-H member myself, I strongly support the program. I was actively involved since I was a cloverbud which can be anywhere from age 6 and up until I graduated high school. So still supporting it I covered the fair as the designated photographer, doing this I went to every event throughout the weekend, from 4-H to social.

The fair started on Wednesday evening where 4-H members brought their projects in that they complete throughout the year to be judged as static building exhibits. A member can receive a blue, red, or white ribbon based on completion and how well the project is done. After a ribbon is received the judges can then go back through after everyone member has completed their judging and give out a grand and reserve ribbon to the project that they feel deserves that honor. If they feel there are three projects that deserve a higher honor there is also what they call an award of excellence which is a higher ranking than a blue but not quite up to a Reserve Champions level.

Thursday, the 20th, 4-H events continued. Members began to bring in their livestock and get them settled into the barns. There is everything from chickens to swine along with cattle, horses, goats, sheep even some bunnies. The day went on as the livestock came in right up to the hour of that nights main event which was the Bull-a-Rama which had riders from the BadLands Circuit.

4-H Ambassadors wait for the Premium Sale to start as Jeff Schafer of Bremen announces the honorary 4-H Members.

Friday is one of the busiest days of 4-H as the swine, cattle, and sheep show started bright and early. Members were everywhere trying to put the finishing touches on their animals and headed into the show ring that went well into the afternoon. That evening was the 4-H Premium Sale where members of the community along with many businesses come to an auction where the members “auction” off their livestock. This however is just a premium auction, the money received goes to the member but the animal still belongs to that member.

A young member gives a gracious hug to her premium buyer at the 4-H Sale.

The Tri-County horse show started out Saturdays 4-H events. This horse show is for members of Foster, Eddy, and Wells County but is also open to other members who are trying to make it to the State Fair at the end of July. With an extremely hot and humid day the horse show went into the evening as it was hard on the horses to try to rush things with that kind of weather.

Members wait to perform their showmanship pattern for the judge at the 4-H Tri-County Horse Show.

The weekend rounded up with a demolition derby put on by the Wells County FFA Chapter and the “Johnny Holmes Band” singing the night away on Sunday.