Milnor Employee Challenge: DVEC took first in fun


Dakota Valley Electric’s Milnor office took second to last place in the Milnor Employee Challenge last night, but we may have taken first in fun. Thanks to Lisa Heinert — she not only provided all the information for this blog post, but she created the t-shirts too!

The Milnor Employee Challenge consisted of nine teams and nine challenges:

Band Broads & Paula – their challenge was you had to take a list of numbers and add them up on an adding machine to get the correct number which just happened to come out to $88,888.88; clever!

Shear Nonsense – they had a beanbag toss, you had to get two beanbags to land on or in the target.

Elevator Ambassador’s – this was the Milnor Grain challenge

Dollar Divas – this was the Credit Union team

Amazingly Awesome – Crossroads Electric team, you had to ‘wire’ a circuit to a light switch and make it turn on a bulb.

Side Street Saloon – this was a bean bag toss as well but you had to do a series of three different ‘holes’

KiloWatts – that was US!  The DVEC challenge

Drainage Doer’s – this was Erickson Farm, they are a new drain tile business in town, you had to blow up a balloon and then with the air from the balloon knock down a row of red solo cups, there were about 20 cups and you were lucky if you could get four or five down in one balloon’s worth so you got pretty light headed by the time you were done with this one!!!

Money Bags – this was the other First National Bank team, theirs was the spaghetti money challenge

Final challenge was at the Lakeview Golf Course.  When you got there they gave each player three pieces of double bubble gum, you had to chew all three pieces and then blow a bubble but you all three had to blow a bubble at the same time.  Then you had to run over the a ‘start’ line and all three had to do a somersault and then get up and run to the ‘finish’ line.  Adults do not look pretty doing a somersault and then trying to get back up to run, let me tell you!  Ha!

Every team got a map with a starting challenge and then after the first challenge you could go anywhere you wanted to go but had to have your final challenge be at the golf course where the meal and everything was at.  Each team also had a ‘pass’ card so if you felt you couldn’t finish a challenge for some reason you could use that but you only got one pass card.  Dakota Valley Electric did not use our pass.  You also got a playing card after all three of you completed a challenge, at the end you had nine playing cards to choose your best poker hand from.  There were also door prizes and food.

Money Bags won both the overall ‘race’ and the poker hand, I’m pretty sure they cheated somehow but just can’t prove it… Yet.  :)  John Schwalk’s wife, Jolene, was on this winning team.   Also, Mitch’s wife, Bobbi, helped with the challenge itself, was part of the ‘organizing’ committee, explained stuff to us and kept us all in line.